Zazen Breath Awareness Meditation

What comes in your mind when you first hear the word meditation? Most of us imagine some Buddhist monks who are pronouncing some deep enchantments. But is the meditation that much difficult? The answer is No. Some people exaggerate meditation as a quite tricky process, but it is not that complex. At least zazen breath awareness meditation is not difficult.

Buddhism has a deep impact over meditation.

Here is a simple form of meditation that you can quickly implement. It is called Zazen Breath Awareness Meditation. Because of its depth and simplicity, it is popular in the United States as well as Western countries.

What is Zazen Breath Awareness Meditation ?

Zazen is a straightforward technique that is quite simple to follow. It just consists of observing your breath. This keen observation of your breath transfers your awareness from the outside world to inside your body.

By doing this exercise, you learn how to control your mental awareness. A single 5 minutes session of Zazen meditation can have astonishing effects on your focus, attention, and clarity of thoughts. Zazen can provide you an entirely new perspective as well as an approach to your life.

Benefits Of Zazen Meditation :

By practicing Zazen exercise regularly, you can observe the following benefits in your life:

  1. You will experience a better mind and body connection and a deeper relationship with your account.
  2. Your focus, attention on things, will get enlarged.
  3. It will give you a soothing relief of patience, and you will realize how patience can help to develop a positive approach towards life.
  4. Zazen meditation helps to get clarity of thoughts without having any mess.
This hand posture you can have while meditating.

Requirements of Zazen Meditation:

Zazen is quite simple to follow in a busy life also. It has minimum possible requirements. Following are the things you need to perform this meditation:

  1. A quiet place that is necessary to meditate.
  2. Comfortable seat that can keep your spine erect.
  3. Timer to set meditation periods.
  4. A regular notebook with a pen is required.

All that was on what are your needs to perform this meditation now, we will know how to perform this meditation. You can perform this meditation in following simple steps:

  1. Find a quiet place without any disturbance.
  2. Get yourself in a comfortable position.
  3. Set your timer for five minutes if you are an absolute beginner. You can increase this timing as you become trained in this meditation.
  4. Gently close your eyes.
  5. Feel your breath; experience it.
  6. Simply experience it, do not try to control it.
  7. Notice how you inhale and how you exhale.
  8. Try to have a feeling like you are taking all the right things into your body while you inhale and getting out all evil thoughts while you exhale.
  9. As the timer goes off, take a deep breath, slowly open your eyes.
  10. Note down your experience in a regular notebook so that you can track your progress.

Tip For Beginners:

At the beginnings, you will have many distractions, and you will not be able to concentrate for more than half a minute, but no need to worry. It usually happens. Again focus on your breath and follow the same process.

So do not sit quietly just after reading this. Give it a try and feel the difference!

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