Everything You Should Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal is always associated with enormous pain. Everyone wants to have a properly aligned wisdom tooth is most uncommon in adult mouths these days. An adequately aligned wisdom tooth is like a gift for the mouth.

Most of the time, we notice that these are misaligned, and in this scenario, severe damage to adjacent teeth, the jawbone, or nerves happens. Most of the cases lead to wisdom teeth bleeding.

Teeth, especially wisdom teeth has a immense importance…

Here are some significant consequences  why there is need to remove  wisdom teeth:

  • Pain in jaws
  • Infection in gums
  • Possible damage to neighbouring teeth
  • Decay of tooth

Wisdom Teeth Bleeding:

Now we proceed towards some crucial aspects about wisdom teeth. These will  help us to get through knowledge  of wisdom teeth:

By using following methods you can stop bleeding up to a certain extent :

1. By Taking Proper Rest:

Taking a proper rest for two to three days after wisdom teeth surgery can prove crucial in preventing sudden bleeding of wisdom teeth.

2. By lowering blood pressure :

Low blood pressure can help to stop bleeding, but how to achieve that? Quite simply, it is! Just keep your head above your heart with the help of some pillows, and this will lower down your blood pressure, ultimately preventing the wisdom teeth bleeding.  

Wisdom teeth  removal and smoking, drinking alcohol :

It is wise to avoid alcohol as well as alcohol before your wisdom teeth operation, and this advice has a good reason that drinking alcohol and smoking reduces the ability of blood to clot resulting in more and more blood loss. Some studies have also shown that we have to perform tests of x rays for wisdom teeth, so alcohol consumption must be excluded.  

Now we are going to take a look at some commonly asked questions about wisdom teeth operation or surgery:

Q.1 After the wisdom teeth removal, can I drink soda?

Soda and Carbonated drinks must be avoided.

You should always try to avoid soda and carbonated drinks in our daily life also. Keeping that apart, you have to avoid soda, carbonated drinks, alcohol under all circumstances after a wisdom teeth operation. The carbonated drinks affect the blood clots, and alcohol always associates with gum diseases. So in simple words, you cannot drink soda after wisdom teeth operation.

2. What foods you can have after wisdom teeth removal?

For the first 24 hours after wisdom teeth extraction, you have to take care that you drink enough amount of water. In the case of foods, you can start with some soups and gravies. Semisolid foods can be a part of your diet after a week or as per your comfort. Cold foods like applesauce can give a soothing feeling, but for some patients, it can cause sensitivity. So be aware of that!

So all we can tell about wisdom teeth is that it is a strange thing. It can bless you, or it can trouble you. Anything can happen. Keeping jokes apart, all you to do is to have to take care if you have currently undergone wisdom teeth surgery. 

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