8 Ideal Tips For Eye Care

8 Ideal Tips For Eye Care

Eye care is a health topic which usually neglected by most of us. The eyes are the organs because of which we can see this beautiful world. It is a general rule that people neglect the importance of things that they own and dream of the things that are not owned by them. Eyecare is …

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Hand Bones: A Wonder Of Anatomy

The anatomy of hand bones

Hand bones are one of the wonders of anatomy. An excellent arrangement of 27 bones makes the mighty human hand. As a human, we have to do a variety of works to survive in nature. Clearly, without hands, these works are almost impossible. Classification Of Hand Bones: Having that much responsibility, human hands offer a …

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Zazen Breath Awareness Meditation

What comes in your mind when you first hear the word meditation? Most of us imagine some Buddhist monks who are pronouncing some deep enchantments. But is the meditation that much difficult? The answer is No. Some people exaggerate meditation as a quite tricky process, but it is not that complex. At least zazen breath …

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