8 Proven Health Benefits Of Yellow Watermelon

Health Benefits Of Yellow Watermelon

Do you eat watermelons? Most of us will answer, “ Yes, I do.” It is an obvious answer as watermelons are available year-round. The Health benefits of yellow watermelon are becoming quite popular these days.

Today, we will have a look at various aspects that make these watermelons so popular and trustworthy.

What are ‘Yellow Watermelons’?

Health Benefits Of Yellow Watermelons
Yellow Watermelon

Yellow watermelons originate from the regions of Africa[1]. Naturally, Lycopene is a chemical that provides the popular red color to fruits. Some common examples of Lycopene rich fruits are Tomato, Red Grapes, etc.

Yellow watermelon is a watermelon that lacks in Lycopene content. Surprisingly, if we take the history of cultivation is into account, yellow watermelons are clear winners in the first place.

Nutritional Content of Yellow Watermelon:

Yellow watermelon is a low-calorie fruit and contains the maximum amount of water only. It is a good source of carbohydrates and proteins as well.

Here is the nutritional table for this stomach-filling fruit for serving of 1 cup:

Calories46 Cal
Carbohydrates11 Grams
Fats0 Grams
Proteins1 Grams
Nutritional values per serving of 152 grams/ 1 cup.

Health Benefits Of Yellow Watermelon:

We, humans, are quite greedy species. We always want something in return. Even now, you are reading my article and you expect some useful health tips from this article.

It’s quite obvious. So, we will move towards our purpose. Here are 8 proven health benefits of yellow watermelons for our body:

1. A Good Option For Diabetic Patients:

Yellow watermelon is low in sugar compared to other fruits. When you consume 100 grams of yellow watermelon, you are going to have only 6 grams of sugar in return.

Health Benefits Of Yellow Watermelon
Yellow watermelons are effective against diabetes.

During diabetes, the body of the victim is unable to control the rate of sugar absorption by blood. Yellow watermelon is rich in dietary fibers. These dietary fibers control the rate of sugar absorption by blood.

Almost every diabetic person is aware of the fact that insulin is responsible to regulate the sugar levels in the human body. If the insulin works properly, so the sugar level. Yellow watermelons are rich in potassium and magnesium.

It is a proven fact that potassium and magnesium are responsible for maintaining the balance of insulin in our body. So, it’s a great deal for insulin.

Hence, the fight against diabetes is one of the most important health benefits of yellow watermelon.

2. Weight Loss Benefits:

We all eat food for a living. Sometimes, we eat more food than necessary. This unnecessary food is stored in the form of fats in our bodies. During weight loss, we make efforts to reduce this unnecessary fat.

Our diets are greatly influenced by the feeling of being full. Water in most cases plays this role. All the types of watermelons include about 92 % of water only[2].

So, the water in these watermelons is going to help in suppressing your appetite. On the other side of the coin, yellow watermelon is low in calories as well as fats.

In short, you can supplement your weight loss routine with yellow watermelons.

3. A Good Fruit For Summers:

Summer is the season of heat. During summer, the human body struggles to keep the cells hydrated. It is suggested to eat fruits that contain more and more water.

Health Benefits Of Yellow Watermelon
Yellow watermelon can keep skin hydrated during summers.

Water is essential for the human body. More than 50% of our body is made up of water only. If we maintain the water balance in our body, we ultimately maintain our health.

Yellow watermelons are a good choice here. Almost 92 % part of the yellow watermelons is water only. So, by eating them, you confirm the water balance of your body.

Additionally, we consume a lot of beverages in the summers. These beverages are rich in sugars. Some of these beverages offer an instant boost of energy. But, in reality, after this instant boost, we feel a sudden lack of body energy.

Yellow watermelons are rich in vitamins like Vitamin B6, B12. These nutrients work as a natural energy booster. So, these watermelons are a complete package for summers.

4. Beneficial For Muscles And Bones:

The human body is nothing but flesh and some skeletal bones to hold this flesh. This flesh is called muscles in simple words. Bones and muscles are responsible for the strength of the human body.

Calcium is a major part of our bones. To maintain the proper amount of calcium in our body, we need some additional minerals like potassium and magnesium.

These watermelons are rich in potassium and magnesium. Potassium can neutralize the acids that consume calcium within our bones. Magnesium is helpful to improve the strength of our bones.

Potassium in watermelons manages the electrolytes that are secreted in our body. Electrolytes regulate the nerve actions of our body and nerve actions control the muscle movement of our body.

These minerals also improve the contraction and relaxation of our body muscles. With effective contraction and relaxation of muscles, there are less chances of muscle injuries.

Collagen is a fluid amino acid that is found in our bones. It is responsible for maintaining the shape and correct structure of the human body. Yellow watermelons improve the production of Collagen.

This improved content of Collagen is helpful for different connective tissues in our body. In simple language, adding a smoothie or juice involving yellow watermelon in your diet is going to help your bones and muscles.

5. Good For Our Digestive System:

As mentioned too many times above, yellow watermelons are good in dietary fibers. These dietary fibers are helpful for patients who have problems like piles, gas, etc. They ensure a clear path for stools to get out of our bodies. 

A large amount of water that is present in these watermelons confirms that these watermelons are going to remove off the toxins that present in our intestines.

Most of us believe that the true power of our bodies lies in our muscles. But, as per my research and experience, I think, the true power of our body lies in our intestines. Almost all of us forget about our intestines.

Just a simple solution for this problem will be adding a yellow watermelon in your diet plan!

6. A Tonic For Eyes:

The beautiful world that we see today is a gift from our eyes. Our eyes and brain have to do a lot of combined efforts to provide a sharp and clear image of things.

Health Benefits Of Yellow Watermelon
Yellow watermelon is a natural tonic for eyes.

Some vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin C help in maintaining the proper health of this natural lens. Yellow watermelons are rich in vitamins like vitamin a and vitamin c. Vitamin a is also useful for people with night blindness.

So, in short, yellow watermelon is a good tonic for our eyes.

7. Immunity Booster:

Immunity is the ability of our body to fight against diseases. Whatever may be the disease or virus, if our immune system is not weak, it will not dare to enter into our body.

The human body is a complex machine. Many chemicals control this complex machine. These chemicals react within themselves and some harmful free radicals are formed.

These free radicals are like a threat to our immune system. These radicals may act as a catalyst for the entry of harmful pathogens in our body.

Yellow watermelons are rich in antioxidants that fight with these free radicals and stabilize our immune system.

8. Glowing And Hydrated Skin:

Skin is the outer layer that covers our muscles and bones. Everyone loves to have a glowing and shiny skin. We all know that our body releases the excessive heat in the form of sweat. This sweat is driven out of the body with the help of small pores of the skin.

Skin is the boundary where this exchange of heat takes place. For this reason, it becomes necessary to keep the skin well hydrated.

In this case. yellow watermelons can provide the water needed to keep the skin hydrated. Almost 90% part of the yellow watermelons is water only. Hence, yellow watermelons help to keep the skin hydrated.

On the other hand, yellow watermelons are rich in vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin C and minerals like potassium, magnesium, etc. These vitamins maintain proper elastic skin and ensure it’s glow.

Yellow watermelon proves it’s usefulness in fighting acne as well. Skin acne is a result of dirt and dust that we come across in everyday life. The different minerals and fibers that are present in these watermelons clean the skin pores with their cleansing action.

With the removal of dust and dirt from the skin pores, the skin gets a new glow. For this reason, yellow watermelons provide a new glow to the skin.

After reading all these benefits of yellow watermelon, you might be interested in adding yellow watermelon into your diet. Here I have enlisted some easy recipes that you can easily make in your kitchen.

Recipes Of Yellow Watermelon:

Here are some recipes of yellow watermelon that you can implement even if you are an amateur in the kitchen. They are as follows:

1. Yellow Watermelon Juice:

Take 2 cup slices of yellow watermelon and add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice in it. After this, add a half or a full pinch of salt within this mixture. Add some sugar or honey according to your taste.

Recipe for yellow watermelon juice…

If you are a diabetic patient, you can avoid adding sugar. Pour all the above-enlisted mixture in the blender and blend it for five minutes. Your yellow watermelon juice is ready to drink.

The point to be noted is that, while slicing the yellow watermelon, remove all the seeds that are present in the slices. Additionally, before making the juice you can freeze the fruit. Making juice of this frozen fruit can be better than adding ice cubes in the juice.

The main benefit of yellow watermelon juice is that it is easy to make and it does not require any special things. It is an easy recipe that gets done with the things that are available in the local market.

2. Yellow Watermelon Smoothie:

Smoothies are always a good choice for health-conscious people. They are easy to make and fit perfectly into any diet plan. They are a nice option for breakfast.

Health Benefits Of Yellow Watermelon
Smoothie Of Yellow Watermelon

To make this smoothie, you are going to need 200 grams of yellow watermelon, one banana, and an orange.

Start with banana, peel it off and add it’s slices in one container. Add 200 grams of sliced yellow watermelon without seeds into that container. At last, add the juice of one orange in this mixture.

Blend this mixture in the blender and serve in tall glasses immediately.

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3. Salad Of Yellow Watermelon:

The salad of yellow watermelon and cucumber is quite popular. To make this salad, you need one cucumber, one quarter of a yellow watermelon, some mint, and some goat cheese.

Cut the cucumber as ribbons and slice the yellow watermelon into pieces. Mix this with slices of goat cheese and garnish this mixture with fresh mint leaves. Add some salt as per your taste combinations.

Your salad is ready!

Conclusively, we can say that yellow watermelon is an amazing fruit with amazing health benefits. If it is available in your locality, hurry up to add it to your diet!

If you have any suggestions regarding the article, feel free to comment below.

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