8 Ideal Tips For Eye Care

8 Ideal Tips For Eye Care

Eye care is a health topic which usually neglected by most of us. The eyes are the organs because of which we can see this beautiful world.

It is a general rule that people neglect the importance of things that they own and dream of the things that are not owned by them. Eyecare is no exception to this rule. We care for our eyes only when we are diagnosed with some serious eye problems.

Tips For Eye Care:

We come across several eye care tips in our daily life. Either we read or hear about them. Some of us follow these tips for some days and usually neglect them after some time.

Here are 8 simple and easy to implement eye care tips:

1. Reduce the unnecessary use of computers and mobile:

Computers and mobiles have become an irremovable part of our life. Our ancestors were lucky in this case. They didn’t have to do a lot of work in front of large computer screens.

8 Ideal Tips For Eye Care

The light and radiation that are triggered through these screens spoils every aspect of eye care. Many of us have to stare at the computer screens for hours.

These hours of staring at the screens cause diseases like Computer Vision Syndrome. This causes the following problems in the young generation:

  1. Strain in eyes
  2.  Trouble to focus
  3. Visions becoming blurred
  4. Headache

But what can be done? Most of us will say, “We do not sit in front of computer and mobile screens because we like doing that. We have to earn and for earning we have to work with computers and mobiles.”

This fact is true. But we can easily implement some tips which are mentioned  below:

  1. Reducing the use of social media
  2. Getting fun in real life rather than switching to mobile phone for entertainment
  3. Meeting friends in real rather than chatting them online.

Mobiles and laptops are not less than addictions. An addiction cannot be completely cured but it can be reduced. In simple words, we can’t avoid laptops and mobiles completely, but we can reduce their use.

2. Sleep Well :

Some religious beliefs confirm that God designed to sleep to assure that humans rest for some time. Do we sleep and take rest all night? The answer is, “No.” We spend most of the nights in late works, late-night parties that last up to dawns.

8 Ideal Tips For Eye Care

Like our brain, our eyes also need rest as they are blinking for an entire day. They are gathering information from the surroundings and provide it to the brain.

When our eyes do not get this precious rest, we face problems like irritation in eyes, difficulty in reading, and even some major eye diseases in a long span.

So, in short, you have to ensure that you get appropriate sleep to maintain proper eye care of your eyes.

3. Carrots For Eye Care:

Carrots are easily available in almost every part of the world. You can easily get them in your local market. Carrots are rich in Beta Carotene which is an important antioxidant and is very useful for eye care.

8 Ideal Tips For Eye Care

The human body is not less than a chemical factory. There are a lot of chemical reactions happening within organs at any instant. This leads to the formation of free radicals.

These free radicals are harmful to some delicate organs like our eyes. Antioxidants like Beta Carotene help our body in fighting with these free radicals.

Additionally, carrots are enriched with vitamin A. Vitamin A helps people who are suffering from night blindness. Carrots are proven to improve the skin glow and they help improve our digestion.

If you do not like eating carrots directly, smoothies and juices of carrots may be options for you. Whatever may be the way, simply, you have to consume carrots for eye care.

4.  Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes:

Do you rub your eyes? Yes, obviously. Most of us do. Even I also had a habit of rubbing my eyes. But as soon as I realized about its bad consequences, I quit that habit.

8 Ideal Tips For Eye Care

The hand is the body part that comes in contact with most of the germs. The term ‘Hand Wash’ is generated from this fact only. Our hand does not get much damage through these germs.

When we rub our eyes with our hands, these germs directly enter into eyes. Our eyes are not that much rough like our hands, they are delicate.

All these germs cause different infections in our body. Sometimes these germs damage the delicate blood vessels of our eyes. This attributes to the phenomenon which is known as reddish eyes.

Rubbing of eyes is harmful for your looks and it can be a reason for the dark circles around your beautiful eyes. Sometimes, our eyes come in contact with some foreign materials. In this case, rubbing is a natural reflex action.

But, this small substance when supplied with rubbing can be a havoc for the cornea.

To avoid this kind of rubbing, you can make your eyes clean with water or in worst cases, contact your doctor. For normal rubbing, you have to keep your eyes hydrated.

In case, if our eyes are not properly hydrated, it leads to itching. A proper solution to keep our eyes hydrated may be an artificial eye drop which consists of more than 80% of natural ingredients.

5. Early Detection Is A Lot Better Than Cure:

When it comes to eye care, early detection is better than a cure for sure. Some major eye problems like glaucoma can be treated effectively when detected early.

Our body is the most intelligent machine in the world. Whenever any harmful foreign substance attacks the body, it gives some signs to our brain.

These minute signs, when detected early with intelligence, can save a lot of upcoming damage. If eye diseases are left without treatment even after noticing them, the results may be severe like blindness and loss of vision.

In short, we may say that, whenever you notice any minor problem with your eyes, do not ignore it. Consult your local eye care expert and get a proper piece of medical advice.

6. Avoid dry air and allow fresh air:

Fresh air is considered useful for lungs and hearts. Our eyes are no exception to this. The delicate cornea, which is located in our eyes gets energized with the oxygen that is present in the fresh air.

8 Ideal Tips For Eye Care

The dry air should be avoided because it sucks out the natural moisture in our eyes. Without natural moisture, our eyes are going to cause itching as mentioned earlier.

So, fresh air with some humidity may be a golden combination for our eyes.

7. Try Sunglasses:

Sunglasses have become an essential part of fashion sense. Sunglasses is a simple combination of two words: Sun+ Glasses. Originally, they were developed to protect our eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.

8 Ideal Tips For Eye Care

Sun is the source of energy and heat for every creature and plant on this planet. Unfortunately, the heat we receive from the sun is charged with some ultraviolet rays. These rays are harmful to our skin and they cause diseases like skin cancer.

A constant exposure to these harmful rays causes vision-related issues and some serious problems of cataract in the eyes. Sunglasses can protect our eyes from these harmful rays.

If you do not want to wear them for fashion, at least wear them for your health. Health is way more important than fashion. So, sunglasses can be an effective tool for eyecare.

8. Wash your eyes daily with cold water:

Coldwater is a simple but effective solution to relax the strained muscles of the eyes. It improves the circulation of blood within the blood vessels of the eyes.

8 Ideal Tips For Eye Care

If you are facing some problems with eyes like swelling of eyes, you can even try ice chill water to wash the eyes. In the worst cases, take the help of small ice cubes. Wrap them in a clean cloth and press them delicately over eyes.

You must have seen some ladies with cucumber slices on their eyes. This exercise protects provides necessary coolness to blood vessels of eyes. Cucumber slices decrease the puffiness and dark circles around our eyes.

If cucumber is available in your local market, give it a try!

Food For Eye Care:

Additionally, the food we eat and the diet we follow is crucial for eye care. Here are some foods and veggies that you can add in your diet plan to ensure proper eye care:

  1. Carrots
  2. Oranges
  3. Eggs
  4. Oysters
  5. Beef
  6. Bell Peppers
  7. Legumes
  8. Apricots

Add at least one of the above-listed foods into your diet plan to ensure your eye care. If you have any additional tips that you have come across, feel free to comment them down below.

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